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eConnect SOPTransaction.xsd LNITMSEQ node

OK, so this one is in the help documentation if you dig deep enough, but it puzzled me for a while.  The problem is the weird way Great Plains number with this node in multiples of 16384.
Instead of breaking your brain trying to figure out how to number these nodes, simply leave the value as 0 (Zero) to force eConnect to auto number it going into Great Plains.

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Great Plains Country Code Table

On my current project, we’re having to add about 230 countries to Great Plains… a tedious task at best.  So we figured we’d just find the table in SQL Server and load it’s data to the other GP companies as well as the Prod environment and save someone having to enter all that data again… right… WRONG!!!
Maybe I just don’t know how to search for info, but I could not find a download for GP help files anywhere on  I also couldn’t find any information anywhere that would tell me which table this information would be located in and of course GP table naming conventions is not intuitive enough to spot the table by looking at the database.
We ended up generating a database creation script and then text searching it for the CCode field until we found the table we were looking for.
It turns out the table we needed was VAT10001.  (But of course!  I should have known that! )

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