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SharePoint is NOT supported under virtualized environments

Back in April, Microsoft posted this KB article stating that the following Windows Server System software was not supported under Virtual Server:
  1. SharePoint Portal Server
  2. Exchange Server
  3. ISA Server
  4. Certificate Server
  5. Speech Server

This left a lot of grey area as it pertains to WSS and Virtual PC as apposed to Virtual Server.
Now with
this latest KB posted two days ago, they have clarified that neither SharePoint Portal Server nor Windows SharePoint Services are supposed under either Virtual Server or Virtual PC.  Disappointing as it is, I trust that SharePoint’s "v3" implementation will fully support server virtualization.

Many companies are leveraging server virtualization these days to consolidate servers and save on hardward, rackspace etc.  Lack of support for virtualized environments under "v3" could be detremental to addoption.

I personally believe we’re moving towards an era where all servers will be virtualized and the only softward running on the actual hardware would be a base OS and the virtualization software.

One great advantage to virtualization is that hardware conflicts can be minimized because everything is essentially emulated anyway.  And that’s my 2c…



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Why everyone should own a color laser printer…

Tim Heuer makes a good point about the cost of color printing when using services like Kinkos in his latest blog entry.  I’ve had a Samsung CLP-500 for about a year now and have been very impressed and happy with it.  I’ve always had a bias towards HP printers, but recent disappointments with HP products have prompted me to look at other manufacturers as well.
At the time, the Samsung was by far the most affordable color laser printer on the market retailing at $499.  HP had an option at about $800 but I decided to give the Samsung a try.  My model has been discontinued, but the Samsung CLP-510N is very affordable and now retailing under $400.
Of course, toner is still the expensive part of the color laser printer.  A complete replacement set of toner for the CLP-500 costs around $325!  Yeah, that’s expensive, but I haven’t had to change toner on mine yet.  Now granted I’m not a heavy color printing type of user, but the one thing that makes it work better than other types of printers is the fact that the toner is replaced by color.
How often have you been printing with your inkjet just to find yourself running out of one of the three colors.  Of course you can’t replace just that color.  Instead you have to replace the entire cartridge.  I like the toner of the lasers better because of the granularity of replacement that can be done.

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ASP.NET 2.0 faster than Java 1.5

According to some performance tests run by Andy from, ASP.NET 2.0 beat the socks off Java 1.5 or at least that’s my interpretation when looking at the numbers.  Well I don’t need a test to tell me Java is slow.  I’ve known that for quite some time now.  I’m yet to use a production deployed Java application that does not TOTALLY CRAWL when it comes to performance.  Of course, my opinion has a biased slant since I spend most of my time in the Microsoft space.  I’ve been forced to use Java apps from time to time by companies I deal with, my stock broker comes to mind, and my experience has not been good.  Whenever I hit a web site that wants to install the Java run-time, I just cringe!
Anyway, enough of my opinions.  Check out the results here:
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SharePoint’s Forbidden Characters

I’m sure you’ve come across some characters that simply do not work in SharePoint naming practices.  Until now its been hit or miss but these have now been documented in this Knowledge Base article.  Makes for some interesting reading…

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8 and 0 baby!

OK, so I was watching Monday Night Football last night and as we’re sitting there eagerly awaiting the start of the game, the cameras show some of the signs that Patriots fans have.  One in particular caught my attention.  It simply read:
OK, that may have BEEN (past tense) true, but no more!  Not after the 40-21 spanking the Colts gave the Patriots last night!
Of course even if the Colts win the Super Bowl this year, which would be GREAT, the Patriots fans will simply say… big deal… we’ve won 3 in 4 years!
No, for the Colts to truly thumb one at the stuck up noses of the Patriots fans, they not only have to win the Super Bowl, but they must, MUST go undefeated!
The Cowboys have 5 Super Bowl titles, so does the 49ers but the Dolphins was the ONLY team to ever go undefeated!
Now repeating that feat in today’s NFL is deemed "impossible" with the combination of Free Agency, Salary Cap restrictions AND a 16 game schedule.  In 1972 they only had a 14 game schedule.  Yeah, it may be "impossible", but then again, many thought it was "impossible" for the Colts to beat the three out of four, back to back defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots in Foxboro last night…
40-21 baby!  How’s THAT for "impossible"?
As we say around here… Believe in Blue!
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SharePoint Portal Server NOT supported under ASP.NET 2.0… yet…

OK, if you were thinking of jumping up to ASP.NET 2.0 for your SPS environments, you may want to reconsider.
This KB article clarifies that SPS is NOT supported under ASP.NET 2.0, at least not yet.  Stay tuned for updates…

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Mike Walsh quits monitoring WSS newsgroups!

In a shocking turn of events, Mike Walsh had finally had enough of people complaining.  Mike has been the unofficial Sheriff in the WSS newsgroups for quite some time now.  A few people got upset about the fact that Mike would point out they were posting articles that wasn’t related to WSS.  He was always kind enough to point out where these articles were supposed to be posted.  Whenever someone posted correctly, Mike was quick to provide good answers.
Now he’s had enough and has given up as Sheriff according to his latest blog post.  Personally I think it is sad this has happened.  I myself had been corrected by Mike several times, but needless to say, he was always right about the appropriateness of my posting.
Its a pity this has happened.  At least Mike is still maintaining the WSS FAQ’s which is one of THE premier sources of information related to Windows SharePoint Services and always one of the first places I look for answers.
Thanks for all your dedication Mike… even though it has not always been appreciated…

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